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Where am I?

Thurgood Marshall College’s famed Fireside Lounge. Except there’s no fire here, and it’s a balmy 50 degrees. I didn’t at all expect there to be any flickering warmth here, but I’m bemused nonetheless. I mean, there’s actually an ocean view from OVT and hell, there’s even a plaza next to the Plaza Cafe. There’s nothing wrong with naming a location after its panoramic or geographical amenities. But really, “Fireside Lounge” is a stretch. This isn’t November 2007, and given those events, “Fireside” Lounge is a somewhat ironic and insensitive title to continue calling this drafty room, since that was the last time this place remotely lived up to its name. It’s not an un-charming little place, but walking the winding path through the rain to get here, eternal hope springing in my breast that it might just warm me up, only to be disappointed–it’s everything TMC has been to me. So misleading.

Liar, liar,
Pants on Fire(side).


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