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Pleasant week of weather, no?

Well, the rain at least seems to be in mostly over. The wind and other sunderings persist, and I still need to wear socks around my room. Doesn’t look like it’s going to get any warmer this week, but expect more than a couple minutes of beach weather a day. Whoever named the sun really did our favorite star a great service. It’s brief and fun and really just a sweet name that fits its beaming rays rather well. So much that in science fiction, it’s not even necessary to declare analogy when calling another planet’s central star a sun.

Thing is, the sun is ours, and our knowledge of how star systems work allows us to not have to call any other star a sun, but again, it’s just so convenient. But our sun is unique and no other sun is our sun. It’s not like when God was ordering from the galactic catalogue, He reasoned, “I’ll take a Venus, gotta have a Jupiter, just one, but what the hell, let’s order two suns. I have somewhere else in mind where I can put it. Hey look, I qualify for a free Pluto.”

I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Except I have to return a Course Reserve by noon. I hope the sun is out.


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