Want a New Nickname?   Leave a comment

Then do something new worth nicknaming.

…Disgusting. I’m going to barf.

Cited from Yahoo Sports, I was appalled to read that Big Baby Glen Davis is trying to drop his nickname as if he somehow has the right or ability to do this. Big Baby doesn’t seem to understand the nature of nicknames.

When there’s a moniker that people attach to you, you tend to think the nickname is yours, and that it belongs to you. It’s your name, right? Well, no, your nickname does not belong to you, it belongs to everyone who knows you as that nickname. In all acceptable cases (nicknaming yourself is unacceptably tacky), a nickname is bestowed upon a person not for that person to own, but to be owned by the people. If not public property, it is at least communal property owned by a specific group of associated individuals.

It’s like a basketball jersey, which is yours to wear, but it really belongs to the team. In the same thread, you may not remove a nickname, because it is not yours to drop, it’d be like refusing to wear your team’s jersey. It’s a traitorous deed, self-centered, and speaks of a sense of an aloofness out of touch with those to whom the nickname actually belongs. Only the people can remove your nickname, because it belongs to them- you may not do it yourself.

To be endowed with a new nickname, you have to change your behavior in a noticeable way so as to earn one. You don’t just get to demand a nickname change request without changing yourself. Your nickname is based on who you are to other people, therefore you must first demonstrate you are a different person before a new nickname is bestowed upon you. Instead of demanding people stop calling you something they’ve always called you, how about you show them how you’ve changed, trust them to take note, and the new nickname will follow. A new defining characteristic must actually exist before it can be named. Your old nickname is based on who you are known to be- you don’t get a new nickname for being the same old person. It’s pure ego and self-importance that would prompt a nickname change demand.


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