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There’s a huge park by my apartment complex that I’ve been running around to get some exercise. I’m talking like six football fields big, I get tired running around that thing. I don’t always just like to run, I like to play basketball too. The problem is, there’s only one basketball court for that huge park. Just one full court, and open space for ages. So they’ve clearly got the real estate, and it’s not that expensive to put in another basketball court.

La Jolla can be so racist.

Too many basketball courts attract minority youths and the problems that come with. Install more basketball equipment than the minimum that rich white people will use and you’ll be overrun by the uncleansed riffraff. Then it’s only a matter of time before they bring the fights, drugs, and muggings, then they’ll set up a prostitution ring running out of the bathroom. So before anyone gets shot, let’s keep those type of people out and stick to one basketball court.


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