The Wheels on the Bus   Leave a comment

Stop for too damn long when old people pay cash to ride the SuperLoop.

“SuperLoop” sounds like a pumped up breakfast cereal
Photo credit to Metro Magazine.

Old people first bothered me at UCSD when they would pay coins at OVT and hold up the line for ten minutes because the cashier doesn’t know how to count the $12 worth of nickels and dimes that the geezers retrieve from the linen coin purse. My chicken ciabatta’s getting cold while a herd of old people creak through the line.

At least when old people on the bus pay coins, there’s only $2 to pay, but damn, have people over sixty discovered paper money or what? I woke up half an hour late, skipped breakfast, and I might still get to class alright, if not for an old person taking a full minute to take one step onto the bus and another minute to board the bus bipedally. Feed the meter with Depression Era coins and if that was all, I still might be on time.

But they never just pay the fare and take a seat. They talk to the bus driver. They ask him if the bus stops by their friend’s niece’s pancake shop. They tell the bus driver, who surely has no idea, that it’s a particularly sunny day. They try to to extract a verbal guarantee that they have a seat at the front of the bus. They ask again where exactly the bus goes and if it stops at their childhood home. Old people suck. They need to pay with paper if they’re gonna pay cash, need to not speak to anyone, ever, and hurry the hell up.

On a SuperLoop-related note,  does it seem like whenever you pass the Preuss School, they’re on recess? There’s always kids out there playing, no matter what time it is. I guess it’s just a different P.E. class period every hour, but it always seems to me like they’re just playing all day. I want to play.


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