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Number 1 Google Images search result for “edge”? Really?

When browsing analysis of sports and politics, one of the more arthritic cliches tossed about tries desperately to determine who has “the edge”. I’ve heard it enough times to wonder what the heck it means. If I have an edge over you, what type of situation does that imply? We’ll give the idiom some credit and guess that it derives from the definition of “edge” that refers to a sharp blade, making it quite a violent analogy. Can having an edge mean something other than wielding a whetted cutlass?

An edge does not seem to ever represent a good thing aside from this, but we always say that this player has an edge in speed, that speaker has an edge in rhetoric, it might refer simply to having a sharpness of skill. But you never have an edge by yourself, it’s always in relation to someone else, someone who lacks an edge, who is more center, or rounded, or square. Having an edge is meaningless in solitude, it must be held over another person or obstacle.

Edge = fall and die

If I was fighting someone, trading chop for kick, and we were next to a cliff, I wouldn’t want the edge. I would want to have an edge, say a black belt rank or a handy scimitar, but the literal edge of the cliff, the most significant one, would be undesirable. An edge is something you fall off, and then a boulder plummets and smashes your brains out.

Sports announcers need to quit astutely designating who has the edge because it’s a lame idiom. Should be edged off a cliff.

Unless we’re talking about brownies.

Yeah, okay, I’ll take an edge.

Otherwise, it just doesn’t sound so advantageous.


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