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Just a couple of links relating to some recent posts.

Regarding UCSD’s apparent addition of California Western Law School, UCSD’s homepage has a positively spun summary of the negotiations. There are rumored to be disagreements on both sides about who should make what concessions, paying for what, deciding on personnel, etc. I’d go to UCSD law if, like UCI law, tuition was free, and I don’t get in anywhere else I’d want to go.

Also read a really well-written interview piece on Kobe Bryant in GQ. It’s five pages, but in my opinion, worth a read. I made a silly joke about Kobe “not leav[ing] anything in the chamber” and how Harry Potter doesn’t leave anything in the chamber (of secrets) either. Does Kobe’s admission that he felt “like Harry Potter going to Hogwarts” during the Beijing Olympics, being surrounded by such amazing athletes, confirm that the “chamber” allusion was indeed Harry Potter reference? No, it does not. But it still amuses me.

I’ll have more boring posts later.


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