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I hate Costco macaroni and cheese!
I attempted to prepare a blue prism of cheesy hollow-crescent noodles, and it was the worst cooking experience of my life. I am a decent cook. But that Costco brand mac and cheese was barbaric and unruly. I will never make macaroni and cheese again. It took half an hour, the noodles wouldn’t soften up once I got them boiled, then the cheese powder clumped up and stuck to the mixing spoon and spread thick and uneven across the macaroni. By the time I was able to get a somewhat consistent color and texture throughout the bowl, the dish had gone cold. I tried to revive it in the microwave, and the clumps reappeared. They reappeared! I hate macaroni and cheese. Once I labored over that stupid bowl, I sat down to eat it. Ugh! It was very near inedible. I boiled the noodles for considerably longer than the suggested eight (eight! Ramen takes 3!) minutes, but they were still stiff. The sauce was just awful, tasted like the Ritz sandwiches from my 2nd grade earthquake kit. I picked the hot dog slices I added out of the bowl and just ate those. I tried to continue to eat the macaroni, but my stomach screamed out against it. Eventually, I piled the leftover refuse into a grocery bag and sent it to the outside trash can, like I do with my dog’s poo. It was about the same in consistency and taste, I imagine. Worst meal ever. My stomach still feels the macaroni I did eat and hates me for it. I hate that crappy junk. I will never eat macaroni and cheese again.


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