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Shoutout to the BSU and it’s organization skills- the walkout rally was electric.

Just a slice of the UCSD walkout rally, let by the BSU

Another slice, gathered around one of the many speakers not spewing administrative BS

Gathered students join in chants of “Whose university? Our university!” amongst others

After the programmed walkout rally speakers finished, students come down from the stairs and circle up for encouragement and prayer

We’ve seen a major shift in focus. From frat boys and Koala shows to insufficient administrative response and institutional change. The administrative sloths (sloths still can’t catch the Koala) won’t be sleeping much tonight after this. Most everyone who participated could have trouble sleeping tonight what with the electric atmosphere and the tingle of making a difference. I was enraptured by the passion and clarity of the BSU-led walkout rally. The skillfully organized and  intensely spirited rally could hardly have been executed in a more effective or graceful way. It was the most genuine and most united congregation I’ve ever seen at UCSD, and transcends the mere time and place it occupied. I congratulate the BSU and all of their supporters on an magnificently brilliant and beautiful demonstration. Our voice was definitely heard.

I was somewhat surprised, but wholly elated  as the BSU leaders called for a walkout of the UCSD administrative-led “Teach-In”. I do not know whether this caught the administration off-guard, but they should know that their responses have been inadequate, sluggish, and deflecting. While they tried to set up the “Teach-In” event to singularly address the “Compton Cookout” and how it could have occurred, the BSU decided that wasn’t enough and declared their intention of institutional change, moving beyond the “Cookout” and the Koala. The administration now has much to consider, and has no reason to be pleased with any of their efforts thus far.

I believe their little “Battle Hate” website has been exposed as a publicity stunt and an unsatisfactory forum for information and discussion. Until the sloths deliver another response, maybe through another mass email, maybe through a medium that indicates they give a damn, we won’t know whether or not they get the message. They have failed the BSU in providing an agreeable racial climate and failed to convince anyone they have been taking the necessary steps to fix this.

The administration planned their Teach-In to be “a discussion on why racially stereotyped events still occur and the impact of these events”. The BSU took control, orchestrated a beautiful walkout rally that told them that they KNOW why these things occur and they FEEL the impact of these events. The walkout rally was a united, uplifting, genuine celebration of diversity.

Before today, I was mostly focused on responding to individual incidents, be it the “Compton Cookout” party, or the Koala TV episode. The BSU rally and its speakers saw through these symptoms and targeted the actual core problem of institutionalized suppression of underrepresented minorities.  Their panoramic understanding of the racial problems infecting UCSD speaks of wisdom and perception, as opposed to retaliation and tantrums. If they administration didn’t want to act swiftly or sweepingly enough, if they wanted to tell stories of 1800s minstrelsy and inherent advantages of white males, that’s fine and well-intentioned, but it spoke not to the true concerns. It was their teach-in, not ours, and the BSU deserves applause for being assertive of this and deftly executing the following walkout celebration.

Personal shame or life experience, this was the most diverse and united crowd I have ever been a part of. Truly a celebration. Black, White, Latino, Asian (to, from what i saw, a lesser degree), a palette of other individuals marching and chanting and knowing what and why they were doing this. Showing UCSD how a walkout is actually done. It was impossible not to get caught up in the energy and focus of the walkout rally. Each individual who participated and each person they talk to about it will understand the message of institutional change. That’s not what the administration probably wanted to hear, but that’s the message loud and clear. This was not the message the “Teach-In” had planned, it was the voice of the people most affected by this.

Again, I can’t express enough admiration for the organizers and speakers who conducted this symphony of strength and solidarity. The passion and sincerity of the walkout rally speakers was crisply refreshing and invigorated the sun-dried and justice-thirsty participants. The focus, mobilization, and unity demonstrated today was something that’s been missing from UCSD for too long a time, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

Whose university? Our university!


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