Friday Afternoon: Crowds Stay, Quiet Down Around Chancellor’s Office After Noose Incident   Leave a comment

Demonstrators hang a “Real pain, Real action!” banner outside the Chancellor’s office Friday afternnon

Wasn’t feeling well this morning, got to campus around 2PM today. Looks like I missed the mobile demonstration, but standing around here now with hundreds of others outside the Chancellor’s office. Got a peek inside, it’s packed, a hand drum and tambourine beat puts some sauce in the air from time to time. The rest of the time, there’s a constant buzz, and a fairly light atmosphere at this time. Demonstrators are protesting by making their presence felt and not going away. People are smiling, having light and serious talks. It’s like waiting for a concert, except no anxiousness or pushing. It’s as exciting and there’s definitely a sense of urgency, but it’s definitely calm. No traces of the “take-over” the Tribune reported this morning. It’s a crowded, gentle, patient, urgent group. You can tell they’re real pissed about what’s been going on, but you can tell they’re real people, being social and lounging around for a purpose.

I think I just overheard one of the TV reporters talking to his tech guy telling him that the administration is going to hold a mini-press conference at 4PM for about 30 people, mostly members of the press. I don’t expect any of the people here to move until then.


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