13 Days Later: Eye of the Storm   Leave a comment

I’m on campus, starting work on an essay, getting a relatively good jump because I didn’t do well on my last paper.It’s as quiet as any other weekend at UCSD, and if you go here, you know just how quiet that is. However, I still a sense of unrest, anticipating a rather large demonstration tomorrow morning.

The news of the day is that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken out on the recent turmoil at UCSD, referring to “horrific incidents”. That’s a big name to be chiming in, but ultimately his words ring pretty empty, as he seems to have even less of a plan of action than Chancellor Fox. Schwarzenegger’s statement is vague and almost makes it sound like there’s been violence, so just another out of touch politician. I’m not looking forward to Washington chiming in or any more publicity opportunists in the government making hollow statements for constituency approval.

On the media front, a Union Tribune columnist paid the Koala EIC his beer to have a chat and was disgusted with what he saw– big deal. The only interesting thing I got out of it is that apparently, Gregorian is receiving death threats, which I’m sure he doesn’t mind too much, but gives him something sharp to put in his next newspaper issue. Giving the Koala more attention, even in a poorly written column is the biggest local newspaper, misses the point. The focus the BSU has chosen has been on the administration and institutional change.

In another instance of the media unable to keep up to date adequately with the flow of conversation, Trageser of the the North County Times is defending free speech, which I believe needs to be upheld. The problem with the article is that it was written today, and the BSU has moved far beyond addressing the “Cookout” as an isolated incident of rights vs. outrage.

After a pretty quiet weekend, one undistinguishable from any other at UCSD, it will be interesting to see the demonstration tomorrow morning. I expect the momentum to pick back up right where it started, but there could very well be unexpected consequences of the weekend layoff. Internet mobilization for against the BSU’s demands is sure to have picked up over the weekend, and I will examine that after I make some headway into this paper.


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