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New signs and t-shirts are widespread  amongst supporters outside as BSU members meet with the administration inside

Got to school before the reporters today. A couple hundred gathered around the chancellor’s office before the 11am address by the BSU. Their student leaders are inside meeting with the administration right now, deciding whether to accept or reject the proposals. Today was the deadline the BSU set for an adequate administrative response.

I’m surprised at how they produce new slogans, tshirts, and now five foot wooden posts with stylistically drawn fists of different colors. The things I’ve seen and heard are “class struggle” and “workers unite”. Lots of less Marxist phrasing is around too, we’ll see which dominate the press conference, march, and coverage.

Speakers are here on the megaphone giving encouragement in a pretty impressive rainbow coalition. Black, white, Muslim, Jew, Latino, Filipino students, med students, professors, faculty, SD, SF, LA, int’l. Already much more lively than yesterday.


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