March 4th March Forth to Geisel   Leave a comment

Marchers become sitters, blocking traffic into the Gilman Parking Structure. It is unclear what or who prompted this behavior.

The general headlessness of the earlier, let’s say pre-noon, activities today were effective, but did not seem to have the best of coordination about them. The BSU leaders were meeting with the Chancellor, and whether by intent or coincidence, occupied the leaders many demonstrators had become accustomed to following for the past two weeks. This is the group I followed around, so I don’t know to what extent they fit into the larger Coalition group organizing the protest against fee hikes and budget cuts, but when I arrived at Gilman, nobody there seemed to have been in charge.

People sprinkled through the crowd called for chants that conflicted and quickly lost any sense of rhythm, the people with the biggest signs seemed to enter into the streets first to block traffic, and either became the de facto leaders or had been appointed without my knowledge. Showed much less focus than the “Cookout” related protests of last week, rogues venturing into the streets slowly until the crowds finally poured onto the asphalt. Once the crowd finally got onto Library Walk, which is a 100 yard straight path to Geisel Library, things became more clear.

Program organizers complete with amplified sound and stage were already set up waiting for the thousands that were fast-approaching, leading me to believe that the leadership was busy setting up the stationary programming, and the marching masses really were guided by whoever happened to be at the front of the line. That’s okay, and it turned out fine, no arrests or injuries to my knowledge, but not an ideal showing for the TV cameras. Once the Geisel gathering was fully assembled, it was a very well-run program, albeit with lots of coarse language representing “our” university, it might have been interpreted as people-who-like-cussing’s-university with lots of children and visitors present.

Overall, a good day of protest, more than we could have expected from the March 4th Day of Action at UCSD. Pretty amazing to see the campus in that state, especially with our reputation of apathy. Nearby classrooms and businesses definitely knew from the looks of it and the sounds of it that something pretty big was going on. “Coalition” turned out to be a fitting name for the organization responsible for programming because the students, workers, faculty, families, and the community really did all seem to be represented. Cool thing to have seen and been a part of.


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