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On March 4th, the same day as the Day of Action for Education, the BSU and UCSD administration signed a document agreeing upon “common goals” for diversity and campus climate. Chancellor Fox has posted a lengthy letter on the UCSD website, using her usual respectful and somewhat vague language, championing the whole process and all negotiating parties.

The UCSD Guardian posted a decent summary of the document, which includes funding for a three year yield program and separate task forces to attract minority students and faculty. The Guardian also notes the potentially sticky legal aspects associated with race-centered policy, but was not able to obtain comment from Chancellor Fox.

Critics are out there and not just on the blogs, mainly railing against the BSU demanding funding that the school doesn’t have and is not available to other racial groups and the questionable legality of some measures Fox has promised under California Prop 209 (banning affirmative action), and equal protections. However,it appears that the language is vague enough and the strategy nimble enough to sidestep legal obstacles. That doesn’t mean legitimate legal questions will not be raised or even be victorious, but the issue remains implementation, making good on the promises. I do not expect that to be a swift or efficient process.


Posted March 9, 2010 by Wada in Compton Cookout, March 4th UCSD, UCSD, UCSD protest

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