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So I haven’t been updating here for a couple weeks now, in part because of finals and spring break, in part because few notable developments have unfolded recently. When last I wrote, the BSU’s demands had been met in writing by Chancellor Fox and the implementation was to be overseen by outside figures. A sluggish La Jolla weekend does much to coagulate even the smoothest of mobilization efforts, and finals can do much worse.

News has been slow, developments scarce and quiet. I will continue to post if anything of significance arises, but am discharging the “Cookout” coverage of this blog. The three weeks of protests were electrifying and took the school by storm, drawing the gaze of the nation, it seems that much was agreed upon by the end of it, but the real results will take time to gauge. No one player or organization did a perfect job in this saga including the administration, BSU, instigators, and advisors. Some seemed to gain momentum and sympathy, while others took different dynamics over the course of the past month and a half. It was a standout experience for the campus of UCSD and the UC as a whole as well as for the component actors.

I personally learned a lot from this whole thing, and am happy to have had a tiny role in it. I believe reviewing previous posts is a better method of reflection than a scrapbook-type or summary post in this case. To do such a thing would really indicate that this issue and all of its components have been concluded and resolved, and this is not the case. Events have slowed and the main action has ceased, but the issues were not simply created out of one event or even over the course of a few weeks, and they will need much longer to completely play out. It has been an extraordinary experience to blog the “Cookout”-related events, but will now turn the blog over to my more frivolous thoughts.


Posted March 28, 2010 by Wada in Compton Cookout, UCSD, UCSD protest, UCSD Walkout

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