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If you’re not a UCSD student or if you graduated from UCSD before the internet was invented, the name “tritonthink” may not resonate with any familiarity to you. To put it simply, it rhymes with tritonlink, which is a website designed to frustrate UCSD students by crashing when you try to sign up for classes and maintaining holds on your account long after the fees have been paid. It’s not (necessarily) a meaningless and crudely assembled compound word with no pedigree or a reference to George Orwell. Tritonthink was created to link my thoughts about UCSD. But it wasn’t the only name in contention to grace that top banner. These candidates range from barely having missed the cut to being dropped from their classes by tritonlink.

5. Tritonpink- This was actually the first rhyme that appeared in my mind when I decided I wanted to alter “tritonlink”. Why it was the most intuitive rhyme for me, I don’t know. It certainly isn’t the first alphabetically or a reference to my favorite color. I can’t think of anything UCSD that’s pink-related and my thoughts are certainly not tinged that color, so tritonpink was under consideration only because it kept inexplicably slipping back into my mind.

4. Tritonink- Blogs tend to have writing, but i always intended to make the writing a focus of this site, and I closely associate ink with writing. However, there’s no real ink involved, obviously, and the figurative monitorial ink just wasn’t cutting it in my mind. Ink is also a very marine concept what with squids and octopi and UCSD’s literal and academic proximity to the ocean, but that hardly relates to me personally in any way. Tritonink would be a better name for a tattoo parlor in La Jolla Village Square, and, actually, I demand that any such future business wishing to use the name compensate me.

3. Tritonblink- It’s simply too painfully arthritic of a cliche to say that college will be gone in the blink of an eye, so I couldn’t risk that interpretation. Blink 182 is one of my favorite bands and they happen to be from San Diego, but they didn’t go here and it wouldn’t make sense to have the band tied into this blog’s name for no other reason than I like their catchy, immature music. I might have been able to conceive of a blog in which posts were primarily quick and concise in order to play up the “blink” gimmick, but that would be like twitter, of which I’m not a fan, and I much prefer writing without a length limit. Alternatively, this title could be read “triton ‘b’ link” like “triton link b” or the secondary rascally tritonlink. I decided against it.

2. Tritonstink- I have a lot of complaints about UCSD. If you go here, you can easily identify areas in which “tritonstink” is a concretely applicable name, whether it’s sea sewage or germinating trees. “Stink” would stamp a decidedly negative tone on this blog, and I established it in part to reconcile with this place, so that might be counter-productive. It’s quite tempting to just write about things that stink about UCSD, but that type of thing goes into my hand-written journal often enough anyways and wouldn’t cover all I have to say about this place and experience. If I had decided on “tritonstink”, people may have thought this was a UCSD sports blog or a forum for writers at UCSD, but see where this is going? Not a positive direction, and frankly, too easy.

1. Tritonwink- This one held appeal for a couple reasons. I like the “w” thrown in there to begin with, and winks are most always more attractive than blinks. The sarcastic, mischievous, and jocular connotations of a “wink” in its several contexts seemed to be consistent with the tone I wanted to set for this blog, but I didn’t want to establish this as a satire site or as too sardonic so as to never be taken seriously. I love joking around, and playing commentator on my school with a wink is alluring, but threatened to ring hollow if I granted it title status. Apparently, I decided that tritonthink was the best tritonlink-rhyming title for my blog and so here we have it.

Honorable mention: Tritondrink. Although I’m over 21, mom knows full well about this blog so this one quickly fell out of the question.


Posted March 29, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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