Ben Hassine vs. The Guardian   1 comment

I met AS President Elect Wafa Ben Hassine today. She seems an articulate and engaging person, quite different from what I expected from reading the Guardian. Perhaps it is the case that she fares better in casual conversation than in media interviews, but I think the Guardian is giving her a raw shake.

I think she’s getting caught off guard (which is partially her own fault) and the paper is also [sic]ing it to her, using the pats of her quotes that refer to “things” and leaving it ambiguous as to the referent when she says, “I don’t agree with that”. That’s how people talk- we use broad and unrefined categorizers and we use tone and syntax to attach assertions to previously stated clauses. It doesn’t transfer as well to print, allowing for equivocal interpretation, and she needs to sharpen up her politician speak when dealing with the Guardian. But They’re also just choosing bad quotes to use and allowing no leeway.

When journalists interview athletes or experts, you often find parts of quotes in [] brackets to clarify meaning, and verbal typos are omitted from the quotation. The Guardian hasn’t done much in terms of granting her this courtesy, which isn’t an obligation they are under, but it’s not the nice thing to do either. Speaking to her in person left a much more positive impression on me than the stuff I’ve read about her in the Guardian had offered, and it was to my benefit that I had a brief conversation with her before she revealed her identity. I will maintain interest in how her quotes come off in the Guardian.


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