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This sickening event known as Earth Week is an appalling affront to diversity and has polluted our universal climate. Chancellor Fox, this is unacceptable. Stupid lady had the nerve to personally send me an email with the following text:

“Members of the UC San Diego community will have an opportunity to celebrate Earth Week, starting today with series of events that allow us to recognize our achievements in sustainability and show our commitment to understanding the scientific, economic, and social issues involved in the sustainable stewardship of planet Earth (emphasis added) in the 21st century.”

You want social issues involving planet Earth? Let’s talk about how Earth’s elitism within the solar system has oppressed the other planets for centuries. Why is there no week commemorating the contributions Uranus has made to the solar system? Earth gets its own week (in, of course, Earth days) while Planet Venus’s atmosphere is mired in toxic gas and Jupiter is too economically unstable to support its 17 impoverished moons. How dare Chancellor Fox support Earth Week while the rest of the solar system suffers indignity and injustice. I demand Earth Week events be cancelled and that the people responsible for them be expelled.

Earth has seized tyrannical power to determine the membership of the solar system. Under Earth hegemony, the solar system has failed to admit new planets and has done nothing to stimulate growth in its member states. We cannot continue to support such a hateful event as Earth Week on our campus. Marginalizing planets on the outskirts, far past the asteroid belt, such as Neptune, while favoring Jupiter for its massive size and Saturn for its ring-rich atmosphere is unacceptable. All planets should be equal and have thus representation in the solar system.

The most infamous wrong paid by the Earth-dominated solar system is the exclusion of Pluto. Being small, remote, and resource-poor led to the marginalization of Pluto. Stripping Pluto of membership in the solar system is indicative of the toxic climate our solar system has established through institutional bigotry and inaction. A more diverse solar system will benefit not only newly admitted (or reinstated) planets, but provide benefits for all members being able to associate with planets from farther away with different ideas and perspectives. Booting Pluto and refusing to consider readmitting it demonstrates institutional bias against minority planets and is a threat to the freedom of celestial bodies across the galaxy. I demand a safe space in the solar system for Pluto and that it receive instruction on how to rise above its dwarf planet status free of charge. The 0% representation of Pluto in the solar system is bullshit!

Earth Week represents the oppression of other planets in the solar system and turns a blind eye to the history of institutional bias against and exclusion of Pluto. Members of the UCSD community who decided it was a good idea to have an “Earth Week”, in order to deliberately mock Pluto and marginalize the other planets are reprehensible and belong in jail. How dare they express themselves. I can’t believe things like this could happen on our campus in the year 2010. How do you expect me to support the Earth when the Earth excludes dwarf planets from its solar system? That’s bullshit! Chancellor Fox offers that “As your schedule permits, I encourage you to participate in Earth Week events.”

You want participation? Watch Plutonians and their supporters walk out of your Earth Week events.


Posted April 22, 2010 by Wada in UCSD, UCSD protest

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