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This is the family dog, Jade.

She likes to sit nicely when she wants something.

Shes been doing this since she was much smaller and cuter, when it was much more effective.

Jade’s not very complex. There’s a couple things she likes and they’re not hard to figure out. First of all, she has a dire appetite for liver treats. She’ll even shake hands for one, but only with her left.
Secondly, her favorite activity is laying around on the floor sleeping.

This was about 8 months ago. Adorable.

And all she’s done since is uncurl and roll over once.

Just kidding. She also likes to chase a tennis ball and not retrieve it, and abscond into the dark recesses of the back yard with both of my slippers every morning. She’s also deathly terrified of the really mean, hissing, white cat that lives two houses down- we pass that house in a hurry. Whenever I take Jade for a walk, she poops on the sidewalk at the corner. For a dog, or I guess for most any mammal, she has fairly wet poo- try getting that off the sidewalk.

And this is what happens when you poop on the sidewalk. DB.

Sometimes she snores and more often than not, if she’s peeking under a ledge, she’ll hit her head. Her tail is like a rudder and if she’s wagging it while walking, she’ll wiggle at the same frequency from her butt to her nose. If you want her to like you, give her liver treats and limit your commands to sit and shake. She doesn’t know how to bite anything, and I’ve been as of yet unable to teach her.


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