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This is a globe.

This is the universe.

Unless I’ve made a galactic mistake.

Here’s my friend, Al. He doesn’t like terminal letter “e”s.

And here’s an inconvenient truth-

Global things are mostly all bad, but universal things are mostly all good. Few things are really either, but both are loosely synonymous and referential to some human condition. Read literally, “universal” really should cover a broader scope, but it’s actually often the case that “global” things affect more people and “universal” refers to a smaller set of people, say all the members of one country.

Things that are bad that are also global are things like global poverty, global catastrophe, global warming, global pandemics, global economic crisis, etc. Depending on your point of view, globalization may be good or bad, and similar ambivalence is attached to universal healthcare. But calling it “universal” is a linguistic trick used by liberals and progressives to frame government takeover in a positive way, knowing that we intuitively think of things that are universal as good.

Universal acclaim, universal language, universal remedies, Universal Serial Bus, universities, and universal chargers and adapters are all good things, though decidedly earthbound, and as we predicted, applicable to a smaller set of things than our global examples.

For whatever reason, universal things just have a more positive connotation than global things. “Universal” conjures images of amiable people, while “global” incites images of other countries, friendly and not, which might have something to do with it. In any case, I’d prefer to go to Universal Studios than Global Studios, Orlando. Mostly due to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Looks so amazing!


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