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Lately, my blog has been dedicated to my own musings on language and frivolous current events, but I came across an LA Times blog post echoing the “Compton Cookout”-related racial tensions of the winter at UCSD. Apparently, last Wednesday, someone allegedly hung an unimpressive, inexpertly tied noose in Mandeville Hall. It’s described as:

“[A] thin piece of rope, crudely fashioned into a loop.”

That hardly sounds like a noose to me, but perhaps this blogger’s powers of description are simply underwhelming. It could just be a piece of string with a bowline or a slipknot. If there was malicious intent, I’m not sure whom the message of intimidation was meant for. Perhaps the suspect is not a fan of Summer Bridge, but that may be a stretch. I also don’t think it was meant for LeBron James, whose basketball camp is being held at UCSD. I would hate to hear him say anything about it.

NOT the “noose” found in UCSD’s Mandeville Hall on July 21, 2010.

Also not a “noose”, but a thin rope with a loop.

In any case, I think the UCSD community is rather tired of nooses and racial tension- it’s a hackneyed ploy by this time. The average student is very unlikely to care or take it seriously, and if anyone is offended and decides to make demands and stage a protest, they too are unlikely to be taken seriously.

Serious threats demand serious attention, but a half-hearted “noose” left in the graffiti-laden and mostly forgotten Mandeville stairwells does not appear to constitute a genuine threat. It’s unlikely to be discovered there, out of the way and where vandalism is the most legal activity performed, and any demanding response will be met with indifference, due to the time, place, and manner of this non-incident.

Also of possible interest:


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