LeBron James Takes His Talents Away From UCSD, Leaves Hidden Shoes   3 comments

LeBron James left shoes at UCSD, laces untied.

LeBron James’ King’s Academy ended today, so you can no longer find him at RIMAC. He did leave a pair of signed LeBron VII shoes hidden by the North Campus track, tweeting the clue, “Just stop and drop the shoes off on campus at UCSD. They are by the track and field stadium underneath at sign No Dogs Allowed in this Area.” If you go for ’em, stay classy, San Diego.

Won’t post the picture of the location, since I’m sure the kicks are gone by now, but there are a couple things.
1. LeBron seems to have escaped UCSD without answering questions about the school’s racial tensions within the last year. Good for him, I’m glad. That would have been a lose-lose situation, though while he’s still in the area, it’s not impossible for a reporter to catch up to him and stir up trouble.

2. Can you leave shoes with laces around UCSD and not get in trouble? At UCSD, if you leave a ” thin piece of rope, crudely fashioned into a loop,” just sitting around campus, you will be accused of leaving a noose with intent to intimidate, as has been consistently shown. If there are loops in the laces, well, that’s just as bad as the last “noose” they found and made a police report about. I kid, of course, but the sensitive atmosphere prone to overreaction is not helping anyone.

UPDATE: I’m looking out for updates on whether anyone has found the LeBron VIIs out by the field under that “No Dogs Allowed” sign. So far, I can’t find anything, so as far as I know, they may still be out there. Please update me if you hear anything about this situation.


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3 responses to “LeBron James Takes His Talents Away From UCSD, Leaves Hidden Shoes

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  1. did you vote for obama? be honest

  2. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

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