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Everybody say “hi” to Jade!

Hanging out with Jade all summer has led to an inevitability: a nickname for the doggie. But I’m not even convinced that Jade knows her real name, so how am I supposed to choose the nickname she seems to hate the most when her expression remains vacant no matter what you call her?

So here’s in print the mental list of nicknames I’ve made for Jade. Which one should I use?

  1. Jade the Blade
  2. The Real Slim Jadey
  3. LL Cool Jade
  4. Jadey Bug
  5. Spider-Jade
  6. Jade-0saurus
  7. Jaderade
  8. Darth Jader
  9. Jader Tots
  10. EDIT: Jady Gaga

To help, here’s some visual aids.

I mean visual Jaids.


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