UCSD Advertises (Disguised) Social Justice Event To All Students Through Mass Email   1 comment

I’ve already addressed the so-called “UCSD Block Party” which, in addition to not being a block party,  is not representative of the entire UCSD student body, but by “social justice oriented” groups and the Cross Cultural Center. While I support the right to hold such an event, I don’t agree with labeling the event “UCSD Block Party” as though it were sponsored by elected representatives or the administration.

Now we have this.

A mass email sent to all students from the web host “UCSD Student Flyers” welcomes students back for the Fall Quarter 2010 and invites them to several Welcome Week events. That’s an email sent to every single student advertising, amongst an all campus dance and annual UnOlympics events, the “UC San Diego Block Party.” That sounds like fun! If I’m sold on the title and the fact that UCSD is endorsing it through mass email, I might just go without finding out anything else about it first.

But if you click on the link…

It goes from “UC San Diego Block Party” to “The Cross Cultural Center’s Annual Block Party” with the click of a button! Are incoming students to understand that “UC San Diego” and “Cross Cultural Center” are synonymous? Personally, I don’t think they are.

To reiterate, I have nothing against a Cross Cultural Center “social justice” block party (except that the event isn’t really a block party). The social justice theme isn’t a problem– calling it a “UC San Diego” event as if it were campus-wide and emailing an advertisement for it to all students under the UCSD banner is the problem.


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