UCSD Welcome Week Kicks Off and Why I Missed the All Campus Dance   Leave a comment

Hey Tritons, Welcome Week is finally here! Starting with the All Campus Dance–

Sunday at Sun Down at Sun God Lawn in Sandy Sun Diego. Wear a sun dress and bring sunscreen.
The dance theme, as you can see, is “on the moon”.

I didn’t go to the all-campus dance. I’ll have to look up some first hand accounts as to how out of control it was. I couldn’t make it because I was mistakenly thought the event was on a different day. Check this out-

The big banner advertises an event being held on Tuesday. The first underbox event, the dance, is being held on Sunday. How’s that for chronological order? I’m used to events that occur later in time being listed after events that occur before them. It’s a habit I’m going to have to break when I consider UCSD flyers in the future. At least I now know to double check the date and time of the UCSD Block Party so I won’t miss it. A “spatially sequential = chronologically sequential” mental error already caused me to miss the All Campus Dance.

That, and that dance is freakin’ lame.

So there’s been no mention of Ron Artest showing up like last year, so I’m certain he didn’t. I guess being a champion and all, he doesn’t have any time for UCSD anymore. That theory helps explain why LeBron James still had his basketball camp here this summer.


Posted September 19, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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