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Plenty of mentions about Geisel and Inception since school’s been back in at UCSD. Still wondering how the heck Geisel showed up in that movie, perhaps a clue can be uncovered from 2010 Student Convocation SpeakerĀ Dileep Rao. Rao, a 1995 UCSD graduate, played the “chemist”, providing potions that helped the Inception team maintain a deep sleep. Having gone to class at UCSD, he would know all about deep sleep.

I’m sure the freshmen at the welcome dinner were dying to know how Geisel was selected to model a snow fortress after more than anything else from a UCSD alum and Inception cast member. So far I’ve been able to uncover no video or transcript with any such revelation. I’m not sure to what degree Rao, as an actor, would have artistic input anymore than I’m sure why Hollywood keeps casting Indian actors in Middle Eastern roles when the character could have just been Indian, but it’s a possible lead. Details may come out about his convocation speech yet.

Photo courtesy of UCSD News Rao stands before the snow fortress post-global warming.


Posted September 24, 2010 by Wada in Geisel Library, UCSD

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