Heat Reaches 107, “University Attempts to Improve Campus Climate”   1 comment

Way to be relevant, The Guardian.

But “diversity initiatives” might not solve the 107 degree heat enjoyed by UCSD students today.

Talk about a toxic climate.
The Union Tribune is reporting that the last time it was this hot, it was 1963, or when UCSD was three years old. In my three+ years at UCSD, I’ve only experienced air as dry and roasting during Fire Week 2007. Blistering heat, abrasive air scratching your throat as you breathe. It was quite a day to be on campus from 10am-3pm. Most refreshing moments were on the jam-packed bus where at least the air conditioning was blasting columns of frosty air right down on where I was smashed up against the side door.

Now let’s distinguish between the exorbitant heat of one day, and a dependable and predictable climate. A climate refers to a consistent pattern of conditions over a long period of time. The meteorological climate of San Diego is coastal and temperate. Today was an extreme outlier of outrageous heat. What the BSU and diversity police refer to as “campus climate” seems to refer to the acceptance, comfort, and accommodation of “underrepresented” minorities. The events of last February seem to have only been extreme cases, not indicative of a long-term climate, whatever the claims.

Today’s 107 degree weather was probably more  of a safety risk than anything that occurred in relation to the “Compton Cookout”. Dehydration and heat stroke don’t discriminate based on race and are genuine health threats. Stay hydrated, and keep cool, UCSD.


Posted September 27, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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  1. yeah my dad will like this

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