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So, LeBron James is talking about race. Focusing on the basketball star’s sharp drop in popularity following “The Decision”, CNN asked James if race played a factor in his fading appeal. James responded,

“I think so, at times,” he told CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien. “It’s always, you know, a race factor.”

James thinks race plays a factor in his newfound villain status, not because he has any specific examples, but because, “It’s always” that way, just as a fundamental fact. Interesting. So how does “always” factor into holding his King’s Academy basketball camp at UCSD following the race-related protests of the winter?

I criticized media for trying to orchestrate the intersection of the “Compton Cookout” and LeBron James when he was at UCSD in July holding his youth camp. James prudently avoided the issue, but maybe it’s just because he hadn’t been asked. If it’s, “always, you know, a race factor,” then it must be a race factor when deciding where to host a basketball camp.

Free photo of James via Wikipedia

An alleged “noose” was reported found on the UCSD campus on the day James arrived in San Diego, which seemed like a fabricated story, but seems to be a racial issue, even if conjured from old wire. LeBron James, I think, did well in completely ignoring it on the record. I thought his comfort with the university was a sign that racial unrest at UCSD had been largely quelled. Still believing that’s true, it’s strange to consider the implications of James holding his camp at UCSD in light of his recent comments about race. An explanation is not necessary, but might help clarify what LeBron James: UCSD patron and racial commentator, views the “race factor” at UCSD.


Posted September 30, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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