Why Did LeBron James Cross The Road?   Leave a comment

To get to the other side!
(I suppose as a disclaimer, that doesn’t entail that LeBron James is a chicken. It only shows that both LeBron James and the proverbial chicken are both the type of thing  that crosses roads to get to the other side, not that all things that cross roads to get to the other side are chickens.)

If you thought that was dumb, and are sorely disappointed with the content so far, it doesn’t get any better from here. I’m trying to stitch together the facts of what’s going on in A.S., but until then, some LeBron James jokes.

In the edited version of his new “What do you want me to do?” commercial, he doesn’t appear speaking in front of an empty hall of fame induction. Maybe Nike thought better of assuming he’d reach the hall of fame, master of zero rings to date that he is.

Anyways, I wrote this post to make a dumb joke about why LeBron James has chosen UCSD to host his King’s Academy youth basketball camp the past two summers. I’ve written rather seriously on topics I think relate to the subject, but that’s not what I’m doing now. I think LeBron James just likes the summer weather in SD, and there may be some pesky mental reminders of how he has no rings if he were to be 100 miles north of here.

To the lame joke, which I’ve failed to structure in any familiar or easily digestible way. It goes something like this.
Why does LeBron (James) hold his basketball camp at UCSD?
Because he likes to imagine “Nobel Dr.” is “norBeL Dr.” and that “Lebon” is actually “LeBron.”

I drive on LeBron all the time!

Okay, I’m done. My take on the A.S. crapstorm is coming.


Posted October 29, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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