Safety Grant Reduces DUI Accidents Around UCSD   Leave a comment

The Union Tribune Reports. Apparently, since June 2009,

“CHP combined enhanced enforcement of sections of interstate highways 5, 805 and 8 with an on-campus education campaign in partnership with UCSD Student Health Services, UCSD Police and San Diego Police departments”

It was paid for by something called a “College Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Corridor Safety Grant,” and Google won’t turn up the amount. The number of DUI accidents was reduced from 63 to 25 and more importantly, the number of DUI-related deaths was reduced from 5 to 3. I’m not sure those numbers are statistically significant, and I’m fairly certain a reduction from 5 to 3 provides no significant evidence.

I don’t ever remember dangerous drivers driving around UCSD late at night to get carne asada fries. Maybe that’s evidence the program is working, but I’m suspicious. DUI is serious business, and there’s nothing wrong with safety, but really, why focus on UCSD? People at Rock Bottom and El Torito that nuts? I hope Pacific Beach and SDSU got at least as much grant money and attention as far as reducing DUI’s goes. If UCSD was specifically targeted and no extra attention went to PB or State, I’d venture to call that decision retarded.


Posted November 6, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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