Unimpressed With UCSD’s 50th Anniversary   Leave a comment

Initial reaction: Sunnier media coverage than what I’ve seen on campus this week.

The Union Tribune says there was a “crowd of about 400 seated dignitaries and 600 more students, faculty, staff and others who watched portions of the 90-minute formal ceremony,” to whom Chancellor Fox assured “This is a remarkable moment for UC San Diego and for all of us.” She went on to mention how the school has fulfilled founder Roger Revelle’s mandate that UCSD be “distinctive.”

I’m not sure I was feeling that. I saw the stage and the ceremony and several events out there between the Chancellor’s Complex and Student Business Center. I saw the Tritones (who are quite good) perform for a handful of dignitaries. I suppose there’s nothing else Chancellor Fox was able to say, but man, I don’t know of a single person who was excited for anything except Far East Movement. The quotes just are so stunningly inconsistent with the pieces of ceremony I saw walking by, and even stopping by to watch for a bit.

I had no idea Founders Day and the associated events were going on this week. It really was a farce of a celebration in terms of the undergraduate contingent. I hope it was meaningful for the alumni and dignitaries and friends of the school with money, and I know UCSD is important to the regional and state economy, but man, was I unexcited. It’s almost too arthritic to say Chancellor Fox’s printed comments are out of touch with the student body and ring of hollow indifference to our own indifference to these events. The distinctive part seems to be how few undergraduates care at all about our school’s founding, history, and tradition.


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