Kobe and the Grinch Shoes   Leave a comment

Featured on more blogs than LeBron James and the UCSD shoes.

And having nothing to do with bloggers being tired of James.

Pictured below are the Nike Zoom Kobe VI shoes, to premier on Christmas against the Heat.

For real.

Makes me think, reptilian + radioactive with some laser tag mixed in.

And they’re on this blog due to a very loose connection. Apparently, the shoes are Grinch-inspired, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a story by Dr. Seuss, whose birth certificate reads “Theodore Geisel,” which happens to be the name of a building at UCSD. A bit of a stretch, I know.

People think these shoes are ugly. Straight ugly, or they’re-green-and-anything-green=Celtics ugly, or otherwise. I don’t think they’re bad. Definitely seen worse. And I have to point out the flaws in making the comparison of Kobe being the Grinch who steals LeBron James’ Christmas. For one, the Grinch doesn’t even wear shoes, so it’s already off on the wrong foot (lame, I know). Second, everybody knows, but conveniently ignores that the Grinch stole and then gave back Christmas. Kobe’s much colder than that. Is he gonna give Paul Gasol back? People don’t incorporate how the Grinch story ends into any such comparison.

And Kobe wouldn’t be stealing Christmas from prima donnas who have earned their way into not deserving a Christmas anyways.

I feel like Kobe should know these shoes are linked to UCSD and LeBron James actually left shoes at UCSD, so there’s some sort of vague connection involving the two guys and shoes and UCSD. That sort of unworthy comparison should make him angry enough to make sure James has a bad Christmas.


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