<3 Emma Watson Kills Robots And   2 comments

Emma Watson robs Gringotts and,

in Vegas she wins the slots and

Emma Watson’s really cute. I’m so glad she isn’t mute.

‘Cause when she speaks so smart and sweet

Her voice makes my heart skip a beat

(We’ll ditch the line ending with “complete”)


So many boys wish “she were my only”

And we’re just lucky she’s Hermione.

Well, she’s not her, she’s just a girl named Emma

But we can sort out that dilemma

In the movies, she is Miss Granger

Off the screen, she’s still a danger

To hearts and minds of many a stranger

Personally, I wouldn’t change her.


Hermione’s patronus is an otter

To have her, I’d kill Harry Potter

I’d even defeat Voldemort

To hear her sharp witty retort

And by “her” I mean, Emma, I mean it

She’s in the seventh movie, I’ve seen it


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

After the title screen, what follows?

Hermione being called for tea

She wipes her parents’ memory

And like the film being split in two parts

Broken in half, is my heart of hearts

Throughout the film, she’s just so pretty

Though the dance with Potter was a pitty

Some would say it’s not what they wanted to see

But I only wish that it were me.


Her radiance throughout is a a celebration

Except the smokin’ horcrux incarnation

Not in the book could that be read

Still trying to shake it out of my head.


There’s only one more film to see

Emma as Hermione.

But when the series is all finished

Emma will not be diminished

No longer will she fill that role

But we’ll remember when she fought that troll

From movie one through movie eight

There’s no way to cast “obliviate

I hope this is a good poem– a

way to say that I ❤ Emma.


(No images. I just thought any photo would be a 10x creeper multiplier. It’s already bad enough.)


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2 responses to “<3 Emma Watson Kills Robots And

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  1. this is money. hahah

  2. “Real men write devotional poems to fictional witches from adventure-fantasy novels!”
    I think I read that on a t-shirt once.

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