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It’s finals week, and I’m not feeling too hot. A pretty coarse cough has been rocking my lungs lately and studying at Geisel last night only made it worse. Man, the warm, heavy, microbe-soaked air was disgusting. Thick, stale, over-shared air doesn’t help a mild cough smooth over. Just too many people in there. I blame Leonardo Dicaprio.

Inception comes out on DVD and BluRay Dec. 7th, which happens to fall within finals week. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Everybody at this school is aware of Geisel’s uncanny resemblance to that snow fortress in Inception, Inception comes out on home video this week. The result is too many people in Geisel and really gross cough-aggravating air and me coughing my lungs out. Darn you, Leonardo Dicaprio.


Posted December 5, 2010 by Wada in Uncategorized

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