April Fool’s CGI Flyer   Leave a comment

This was sent out by UCSD Student Flyers this morning.

I’m not sure how this works, but I’ll be in Paris. The 2011 CGI at UCSD website is here. The layout and style make it look like it’s advertising LSAT or GMAT tutoring, but I suppose that’s part of the college feel it’s going for. At the website, you can apply to be something called a “campus rep,” which comes with the warning that “Acceptance as a Campus Rep does not guarantee admission to the CGI U 2011 Annual Meeting.” That sounds like it does not guarantee being worth it.

Here’s a screenshot of the website the mass email linked me to.

I like how it mentions San Diego with a cool, faded yellow whipped cream logo, but absent is the UCSD logo. Not recognizable I guess, and Bill Clinton doesn’t feel like helping us out there. I’m still not over the irony that the Clinton Global Initiative happens to bear the acronym “CGI” which is also the acronym for the technique his VP Al Gore uses to exaggerate global warming. But really, I hope CGI 2011: UCSD does good for the school and the world. APPLY NOW.


Posted December 14, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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