Why UCSD Will Never Get a Football Team   Leave a comment

Reason #8,534

The San Diego Union Tribune, oft-friendly to UCSD, publishes an article titled “College Bowl Games Conflicting With Academics.” My UCSD classmates are getting a feel for where this is going.

Lots of BCS games come during finals week for many student-athletes. The BCS championship game, scheduled for Jan. 10, will cause Oregon players to miss a week of class. Lesser bowl games occur throughout December, and whadda ya know, so do final exams. It’s easy to criticize the hypocrisy of the NCAA resisting a playoff system on the basis that it would conflict with students’ academic schedules. It’s easy to say the title “student-athletes” is a tremendously back-loaded term. But it’s tough to get around students of any description missing class and failing finals on account of football practice and bowl games.

And the UCSD administration is going to bring that up a lot if talks of sprouting a real football team heat up. They like to play up the academic reputation. For students to be at any disadvantage academically for the sake of athletics is wholly unacceptable. With the Union Tribune on their side, the administration can milk that excuse for all it’s worth.

Nevermind that UCSD wouldn’t be a threat for a BCS bid anymore than a box of sushi.


Posted December 19, 2010 by Wada in UCSD

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