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Some examples of YouTube comments responding to UCLA student Alexandra Wallace and her YouTube video concerning Asians in the Library:

  • what the fucking bitch ass fucker. your life is done!
  • i hate you so fuckin much. fuck blonde people, fuckin stupid bitch
  • Yep…white girls with fake boobies need to be shot
  • hope u die a painful death. and when u do, ur carcass rots on the streets and vultures eat off ur body.

And these aren’t the worst ones. Most of the death threats and rape recommendations have been removed by comment administrators and comment sections have been removed from several copies of the video due to the ugliness of what was being said. There’s lots of discussion as to whether the hate-filled responses have been worse than the original offense.

Not dean of students Robert Naples. He has this to say in the Daily Bruin:

“If she’s received a death threat, I find that as deplorable as her original YouTube video. If this is the response of students on campus, we’ve got a lot of work to do”

As deplorable? AS deplorable? Threatening death upon a student is only as deplorable as an ignorant but non-violent rant against a group of people. Naples thinks these two are the same thing. That’s ridiculous. The dean of students of UCLA doesn’t think intimidation and promises of violence are any worse than ignorant but non-violent racial remarks. I think his representation of UCLA is as deplorable as Alexandra Wallace’s.

And Asians have not represented themselves well in response to the stupid video Wallace posted. I still believe the majority of Asian UCLA students and other Asians offended by the video take offense without responding with hatred. The majority. But a loud and repugnant minority are very difficult to ignore, and these elements should be addressed. The Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA takes up this mantle in an opinion piece published in the Daily Bruin. After condemning Wallace’s video, the APC had this to say:

The resulting reaction reveals an alarmingly dangerous campus climate and an underlying current of racism and prejudice still vibrantly alive in America.

It’s unclear whether the author is referring to the hate-filled reactions fueling climate change or whether said hate-filled reactions are what’s revealing racism. It’s a stupid and poorly constructed sentence. The whole article demonstrates poor grammar, awkward phrasing, and grafting from other ‘victimized minority’ manifestos.

However, we must address the many ignorant comments stemming from our own community in reaction to Wallace’s comments…we believe that we as a community can do better than to resort to the student’s tactics of throwing out divisive words, which only perpetuate a culture of racism and sexism on both sides.

How disappointing. The Asia Pacific Coalition only addresses “ignorant comments” and “divisive words,” but not violent speech, sexual degradation or death threats in particular. The APC doesn’t acknowledge that death threats were made against Wallace or that truly disgusting comments have been aimed at her. No, only “ignorant comments” and “divisive words.” This is cowardly, refusing to call out people in your own community clearly an directly for the most abhorrent things they’ve done in this situation. In order to condemn violent speech coming from your ‘side’ you must acknowledge that it exists.

And who’s being a sexist on Wallace’s ‘side’?

The APC article is full of stunning dishonesty. Aside from extending the stupidity of one girl to prove that a “current of racism and prejudice still vibrantly alive in America,” other exaggerations and examples of terrible logic can be found. Take this for example:

“It is clear that this student’s comments can be considered a hate speech, an act of discrimination, harassment and profiling.”

Well, anything can be considered those things, come on. This student’s comments can also be considered free speech and must be afforded due process of the law. Where’s the acknowledgment of that? The title of your article is “UCLA community should respond to viral offensive YouTube clip with civility” but the author spends more time criticizing Wallace than those people advocating her rape and death. And it’s okay to criticize her, Asians are offended and should speak out about stuff like this. But do it honestly, fairly, and directly, not hiding behind cautioning titles.

The worst part of the APC’s article didn’t quite strike me until I got to the following sentence:

We will not use our strength as a community to attack this individual but rather we will use this event to grasp at an understanding of campus climate: it is clear that racism, sexism, bigotry, and hatred still exist in our universities and beyond.

Campus climate…Racism, sexism, bigotry, and hatred…Our universities and beyond. I’ve heard this all before! That’s almost word for word the language the Black Student Union used at UCSD last year when responding to the “Compton Cookout” and following events. I have no idea what Wallace’s video has to do with sexism or what the APC thinks the difference between racism, bigotry, and hatred is. They’re just ugly sounding words groups who want to act victimized throw out there! I’m shocked they didn’t also condemn homophobia, because that’s part of the orthodox manifesto. The Asian Pacific Coalition didn’t write this article — they plagiarized from the handbook of minority victims published by the liberal elite. Most likely at the suggestion of an outside adviser. Watch, one more minor incident, real or imagined, and they’re going to declare a ‘state of emergency.’ It’s in the handbook!

Come on, Asian Pacific Coalition. I’m citing you for plagiarism, but the bigger problem is having your movement hijacked by outsiders who are telling you how to feel, what to say, and what to do. You’re just following the “I’m an oppressed victim of the white man” formula that’s been used by other groups, inappropriately and without considering your own independence or unique strength as a community. I don’t know who controls the language and strategy of these movements. All I know is that I see the exact same phrasing and strategy as I saw last year at UCSD, and I don’t think UCLA Asians need to or should follow that playbook so closely.

The APC made “demands” for a public apology, formal punishment from the administration, an official statement released campus-wide, and a new GE requirement focusing on principles of community. See for yourself how these stack up against the BSU’s demands at UCSD last year:

• We demand that the University sends out a campus-wide email presenting the Black Student Union’s Do UC us? Campaign Report on Yield of African-American students immediately.
•Those students involved in the shameful racist acts should be suspended from the University for spreading such hateful messages
• We demand Chancellor Fox and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and the Academic Senate mandate a diversity sensitivity requirement for every undergraduate student to take an African-American studies, Ethnic Studies, and Gender Studies before they graduate from UC San Diego.

I see some peculiar similarities. Be yourself, Asian Pacific Coalition. Don’t follow the same recipe and buy into the idea that you’re being fed that you’re just victims of the white man. Be independent. Reject the hijacking that’s occurred here, take back YOUR movement. “Asians in the Library” is not the “Compton Cookout” and Asians on UC campuses are not underrepresented like black students are. It’s disingenuous to use all the same language and strategies for a very different situation and a very different community. Don’t let other people tell you how to feel and act and what to say!

I’m embarrassed that this has happened, an Asian group buying into this “I’m a helpless victim” campaign the left orders minority groups to employ against the university, even for the off-campus actions of a few, or even just a single person. You’re being exploited so that someone else can exploit the university, threatening to unleash a deluge of bad publicity if they aren’t granted more money and power. Submitting to the paradigm in which you’re just oppressed and helpless is shameful in this situation. The Asian community is strong, and doesn’t need to deploy exploitative and dishonest tactics to improve the situation. Be sincere, show your strength, and reject the nonsense from people telling you to play the victim card. As Asians and as humans, let’s allow our honesty, bravery, and strength to carry the day.


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