UCLA Produces a Victory For Free Speech   Leave a comment

And a rejection of mob rule that would likely result in the diminishing of their rights.

Calls for Alexandra Wallace’s suspension, and expulsion (among more visceral punishments) we’re not fulfilled by the UCLA administration. The LA Times reports:

UCLA announced Friday that it would not discipline or further investigate the student who released a controversial online video in which she complained about Asian students’ behavior and mimicked an Asian language.

A victory for free speech. Wallace didn’t harass or advocate violence against anyone and she certainly didn’t force anyone to watch her stupid video. I get the sense that some people think Wallace as good as hijacked the halls of UCLA and forced every student to watch as she projected her rant onto every screen and wall. If you saw the video, you voluntarily chose to click it, ready and eager to be offended by its content. By no means does that excuse Wallace’s ignorance, but each offended individual had every opportunity not to view the darn thing. Claiming harassment under some little-know UCLA code of conduct would be a farce, especially because her video was merely offensive and not violent.

Wallace issued another apology that’s pretty unremarkable, expressing regret and acknowledging that she offended the “entire Asian culture.” She still doesn’t get it, which is a shame. I don’t know of this unitary “entire Asian culture” that she seems to think exists. Her video expressed a profound ignorance about the vast cultural diversity within Asia and she’s now once again blocking all Asians into one homogeneous container. The mainstream media is (and has always) done the same.

Anyone calling Wallace an embarrassment to the university or otherwise wishing for her removal will get their wish, but as a nominally autonomous decision. Who knows if UCLA admins pressured or suggested the move, but, citing death threats against herself, Wallace has chosen not to attend UCLA anymore. That’s her decision. Ironically, the space she leaves will probably be filled by one more Asian in the library. Cheers.


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