UCSD Reaches D1 Sooner Than Expected   Leave a comment

UPDATE 2/27/2012: The referendum is up for a vote. An info sheet with pros and cons of the referendum can be found here. A profile of the referendum process at UCSD and an indictment of the practice can be found here from a UCSD alum.

No text in the following image has been altered.

Go UCSD Aztecs!

UCSD has taken preliminary steps to join Division 1 athletics, including basketball, but all reports identified 2013 as the soonest this might happen. Yet this Bleacher Report identifies UCSD as having defeated Temple in the NCAA Tournament, moving on to the Sweet 16.

SDSU must be pretty upset at being misidentified in national media. Both UCSD and SDSU can shake their heads that people still can’t tell them apart, even sportswriters. It’s bad reporting and it’s insulting. We’re two different schools, and SDSU clearly has a stronger basketball program. Do headline mix-ups confusing Oregon and Oregon State happen like this? Embarrassing. Shame on the headline writer.


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