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A story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.

To someone who doesn't know who this is, he may look like just a normal guy from a foreign culture. But in that tuban, beard, and those soulless eyes resides the incarnation of evil.

Osama bin Laden is dead. After being on the run for nearly a decade, American special forces pinpointed his location, invaded his hideout via stealth helicopter, and shot the terrorist ringleader dead with a bullet through the eye. The coward had been living in a million dollar luxury complex guarded by state of the art security construction for years. When Navy SEAL Team 6 arrived, bin Laden hid behind one of his wives firing off shots from an automatic weapon in a display of utter cowardice. It was not until the bullet of justice tore through his left retina that bin Laden ceased to act as a coward and false crusader.


Something profound and deeply disturbing happened on September 11, 2001. At the behest of Osama bin Laden, Islamic extremists hijacked four American airplanes and piloted them into predetermined targets. The twin towers of the World Trade Center were penetrated and collapsed by these terrorists in an act of war against freedom, igniting a counter-war on terror.

As bin Laden’s evil mad men directed those planes into the twin towers, Unites States President George W. Bush was reading a story to schoolchildren in Florida.

As President Bush was reading to the children, his men informed him of what bin Laden had done, interrupting the picture book. He had to act and could not finish the story.

A story, that from that moment forward, carried on with this image burned into the mind of America.

And we will never forget.

Nearly 3,000 innocent Americans died in bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. While brave passengers on one plane were able to wrestle it to the ground without hitting a building, courageous firefighters entered the burning towers at extreme danger to save fellow Americans. Many lost their lives on that horrible day, but America came together to support the victims and each other, and to seek justice.

President Bush promised to defend America from her enemies, at home and abroad, declaring that justice would be done. Fighting against the oppressive Taliban in Afghanistan and the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq were part of this mission and because of US military action, democratic regimes have replaced them. But many things went wrong and an important part of the mission was still to find Osama bin Laden. The best guess the military had was that he was running and hiding along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in secret caves, continuing to plot.

President Bush became unpopular for the wars and other nations felt less positively about the United States than before. But Bush was still dedicated to defending America and fighting terrorism, though ridiculed and mocked for not being able to find bin Laden. Bush would end his presidency very unpopular, amid economic crisis, and being seen as having failed in his mission to effectively fight terror. Not finding WMDs in Iraq, having no exit strategy in Afghanistan, a deep recession, and never finding bin Laden filled the pages of President Bush’s story.

Then, with renewed hope and a promise of change, America elected Barack Obama as its new president.

President Obama was a captivating speaker who seemed to embody the hopes of anyone who saw him on TV. His charisma was undeniable and his election was historic because a person with his background had never been president before.

President Obama faced may challenges upon entering office with unpopular legislation and an economy that didn’t seem to be getting any better despite his early promises. It was also unclear what President Obama’s military strategy was, including how he intended to handle the wars and terrorism. Osama bin Laden became less and less important, as the economy became the most pressing issue, but President Obama still didn’t seem to have any solutions for high unemployment or how to end America’s military conflicts.

But then, at President Obama’s direction, the heroic Navy SEAL Team 6 found Osama bin Laden’s hideout, infiltrated the complex in the dark of night, and eliminated the murderer, almost a full ten years after the September 11 attacks. When President Obama made the announcement that bin Laden had been killed, America was happy to hear such good news. The terrorist and murderer who was responsible for killing 3,000 innocent Americans was dead. The evil he represented, the military incompetence that his elusive run suggested, the injustice of him not paying for his crimes — these things were eliminated with him. He represented so many bad things, and his being found and destroyed represented a victory over these bad things. Obama got Osama, and the president proclaimed that “justice has been done.”

But President Obama didn’t tell America the whole story and didn’t share credit with everyone who helped. And even though the evil bin Laden was dead, some people didn’t believe it because they distrusted the government. Many demanded to see pictures that proved bin Laden was in fact dead, which President Obama possessed but withheld. The War on Terror by no means ended with bin Laden’s death and the doubts and questions about the affair only confirmed that the story was not over. America waited ten years to have its military meet bin Laden. Ten years since President Bush was reading to schoolchildren and the attack by bin Laden’s men interrupted that picture book.


Show us the pictures, President Obama.

We deserve to see the last page of the story.


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