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All their products look delicious.
And here’s four mini points.

  • Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A only talked about what he supported, not what he was against, yet he was called bigot, hateful, homophobe, etc. Whenever politically incorrect views are expressed, someone is going to claim to be offended and start trashing the First Amendment. Someone’s feelings were hurt, therefore hate speech was committed.
  • Other Western democracies, such as Britain and France, restrict speech with arbitrarily synthesized “hate speech” laws. As determined by the state, you can get arrested if you say something that offends someone. The closest thing you could find in America would be speech codes on many public university campuses. These laws prohibit and punish the expression of certain opinions, leaving the populace terrified that they might say the wrong thing and go to jail.
  • In America, that’s unconstitutional, courtesy of the First Amendment. There are always going to be people who say wildly offensive things about other people. Instead of silencing them with the threat of legal punishment, America takes a different approach. You’re allowed to say what you want short of slander or fighting words, the legal standards of which are much higher than legally nonexistent and “hate speech,” which requires only the accusation.
  • America deals with “hate speech” by letting the speaker say it and then letting the public evaluate it. If it’s substanceless “hate speech” as alleged, the public at large will laugh in the face of the speaker and dismiss his words, using the ridiculousness of his own words to discredit him. Chick-fil-A’s enemies, mayors amongst them, prefer the approach that chills the first amendment or throw a tantrum that so many people don’t consider disagreement to be “hate speech.” Their views must be adopted or punishment must ensue. Because they don’t like that people are okay with disagreement. And screaming “HATE SPEECH!” is meant to fix that. 

Take this guy:
Because being smart and educated makes you right and makes bullying okay.


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