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Hello friends and fellow snow campers to be

For the dire cold, there may be no remedy, 

Here’s a packing list if you’re a newbie 

So we don’t freeze to death in Yosemite

Warmth and comfort start with the feet, so don’t be a fool 

Bring multiple socks and you can layer them to keep your feet warm

Best case scenario you have some made of (or a synthetic) wool

A really ugly pair can go on sale for $7, much cheaper than the norm


Second is boots, which should be waterproof and supportive

The ABAB 4 line scheme may be now be abortive. 


This is my long thin underwear that clings to my thighs

They’re made of nylon/polyester, and I recommend them, you guys


These are my snow pants, and they’re kind of poofy

They’ll keep you warmer than jeans, even if they look goofy


Any kind of undershirt, like wifebeater or similar is advisable for the first layer

And over it, a long sleeve shirt, and if possible, not cotton

Do not be a multiple layer naysayer 

And don’t forget or you’ll wish you hadn’t forgotten


That accounts for two layers on top, but there’s more in cold weather

A light sweatshirt or flannel button up will be comfy to wear

Then a big poofy jacket filled with many a down feather

And with both outer layers, you will not feel bare


A beanie and gloves are essentials for this trip

This inner gloves or outer mittens will be good, feel free to double dip


And a scarf, bring a scarf, if you have one bring a scarf

I’m running out of rhymes here, please do not barf


It seems kind of strange, but I was advised

To bring sun protection, shades, sunblock, and a brimmed hat, right-sized


Onto sleeping stuffs to keep warm at night,

Between you and the ground should be a pad of some sort

The foamy eggshell on bottom top is standard, has more height

The top one is inflatable, some like it, it’s more short


Your sleeping bag should be more than sleepover caliber fare

It’s shiny and down and/or synthetic and shaped like a mummy

It’s not a bad idea to bring extra pillows and blankets to share

Especially if you’re planning on sleeping in the tent — don’t be a dummy


In the altitude and harsh conditions it’s important to stay hydrated, keep drinking

These re-usable nalgene and sigg bottles are made for camping, I’m thinking

 And just as important is to fill them, I guess

With hot chocolate and fresh coffee from the French press


And as we try to stay warm and fight for our lives

Since it’s camping, there’s bears out, please bring your knives

 Please feel free to add things to the list of stuff we might need. 

From all the lame rhymes, you all are now freed. 

Really, if you need something on this list and don’t have it, check with me, and I should be able to bring an extra of most anything on it. 


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